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Download and read a  letter from Henry's Farmers Market sharing their thanks for the for work Lee & Assocaites recently completed on their behalf. (requires Adobe Reader)

I have worked with many agencies over the years with different size budgets for a variety of our products.  Lee & Associates is right at the top, having handled both public relations and advertising for several of our regional and national product lines, from Dolly Madison Cake products to different brands of our breads, including the 120th Anniversary of the San Francisco area’s famous Colombo Bread.  I’ve personally worked with the Pearlsteins over 30 years and recommend their agency to anyone looking to promote any type of product, service or event.  They’ve given our products exposure on TV and radio, in addition to newspapers and at major special events, as well as through sweepstakes contests they’ve created and implemented for us at the supermarket level.  They’ve always come through for us.

Dick Willson, Executive Vice President, Marketing
Interstate Brands Corporation (IBC
(the country’s largest commercial baking company, including Wonder Bread and Hostess Cakes.)

Lee & Associates has been successfully promoting Mrs. Cubbison’s Foods products for nearly 60 years, which has to be some kind of record.  They actually worked with the real Mrs. Cubbison.  They are a full-service agency, incorporating public relations and advertising, as well as merchandising (working directly with our national network of food brokers which as a group, employs several hundred people on their sales forces, to inform them about the promotional activities they’ve created to help sell our products).  Lee & Associates leaves no stone unturned to get our brand media exposure to consumers, in addition to exposure in the supermarket trades.  They are constantly arranging for chefs and other culinary experts to demonstrate our products on TV (from the Food Network to the History Channel) and discuss them on radio (all the local, top food shows), or feature them in newspapers and on the Internet.  They also stretch our budget, from time to time, by tieing our products in with other compatible products. 
I’ve “only” been with Mrs. Cubbison’s for 25 years, but I know the Pearlsteins and their top-level staff have always given our company their fullest attention and they get excellent results. 

Finally, as a result of their advertising and public relations efforts for our company, over the years, Mrs. Cubbison’s Stuffing Mix and Croutons are the #1 brands in their respective categories in the U.S.

Ron Parque, President
Mrs. Cubbison’s Foods, Inc.



Lee & Associates has been doing various publicity projects for my company for over 15 years, including everything from helping to introduce new products to promoting our company’s 100th anniversary.

They’re truly professional in how they work with us and look for different ways to draw attention to our mustard products throughout the country.

They’ve gotten us a very good amount of media exposure over the years and have helped to stretch our marketing budget by putting us together with other foods on TV cooking demos and on radio interviews, where we shared the costs proportionally, while all received great visual and name recognition for our products.

Lee & Associates has helped us obtain extra attention for our brand, and they can help you with your product, too.

They’re all a pleasure to work with, especially the agency’s principals, Leo, Howard and Frank Pearlstein.

David Latter, Chairman
Morehouse Foods, Inc.



Each year, the California Salmon Council has been a very satisfied client of Lee & Associates since 1999.  It amazes me how their agency continuously finds ways to provide an array of services for our limited budget.  Whenever possible, in addition to on-going publicity, they have found creative ways to conduct cross-marketing opportunities among their other clients so that it provides a win-win for all those involved.

Perhaps their greatest attribute has been the access their agency has to the media and the ability to get individuals on television and radio programs, as well as in the press.  Their contact with television and radio hosts and producers, as well as print editors and writers, has never ceased to amaze me.  They’ve got friends up and down the State and around the nation.  It’s clear to me that they have certainly made a name for themselves with key media contacts.

We look forward to maintaining our long relationship with Lee & Associates.

David Goldenberg
Chief Executive Officer

California Salmon Council



We are one of Lee & Associates’ newer clients.  They have been instrumental in helping us gain name recognition for our corporation, Affordable Quality Pharmaceuticals, as well as our St. Paul Brands division, helping us launch several consumer products.  In addition to arranging and conducting some focus research groups to give us direction for one of our product launches, they also placed our CEO on a local TV news interview, right away, to feature our company and products.  Soon after, when we were awarded a contract from the Centers for Disease Control to distribute low-cost drugs to Vietnam, they got us international publicity in newspapers and on the Internet.  Soon after that, they arranged for a nationally-syndicated business writer to interview our CEO, which ended up in several hundred papers (see www.ocregister.com/) and then they arranged to have her featured in the Wall Street Journal, (see http://startup.wsj.com/). The principals of the agency (the Pearlsteins) and their professional staff are always looking for media opportunities to help our companies.  They do an exceptionally good job.  I highly recommend Lee & Associates.

Twee Pham
Affordable Quality Pharmaceuticals and St. Paul Brands



For over 50 years, Lee & Associates has been promoting various aspects of the California seafood industry, pointing out to consumers the many health benefits of eating fish and seafood.

I know that over the years, the principals and staff at Lee & Associates have worked on many successful campaigns that they’ve created and implemented for a large number of federal, state and local advisory boards, commissions and marketing orders.

What they’ve been able to do for us within our budget is amazing.  They’ve put out many positive messages, such as how omega-3 fatty acids are important to maintaining a healthy diet and how, by eating fish or seafood two or three times a week, will help consumers achieve better health.  They’ve put industry members, chefs, dieticians and nutritionists on TV and radio to tell our story, in addition to arranging countless stories in newspapers and magazines, as well as on the Internet.  Over the years, their Western Research Kitchens home economic division has created countless recipes, using a variety of different fish and seafood.

They’ve also worked closely with the media whenever a crisis arose, to get out the proper information and present our side of the story (think mercury scare).

The Pearlsteins have worked so long and diligently for our industry, going way beyond the call of duty, that Leo Pearlstein, founder and president of the agency, who really helped kick-off the industry’s promotion efforts and make fish and seafood more popular, was given a Lifetime Achievement Award (one of only two recipients in our 50+ year history).

I’ve personally worked with this group for over 30 years and certainly recommend Lee & Associates for any industry or company with a product that needs the highest level of publicity and media relations.

Rob Ross, Executive Director
California Fisheries & Seafood Institute



Lee & Associates has served the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) as the Public Relations agency of record for the past three years for our huge WESTEC event at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  This event is the largest manufacturing expo in North America and attracts members of the aerospace, defense, automotive, electronic and other related manufacturing industries.

Lee & Associates has been exemplary in handling their PR responsibilities and coordinating many logistics, including arranging keynote speakers such as Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin.  Local media coverage of The Total Manufacturing Experience included television, radio, web sites, newspaper and business publications.  They’re already working on the next expo for us.

Alex Yovanovich
Manager, Public Relations and Advertising
Society of Manufacturing Engineers



I’m sure if there’s a “jazz heaven” up there, that there’s a special place set aside for all the great folks at Lee & Associates Marketing, especially Howard Pearlstein, who has personally overseen our promotional and advertising needs for over 16 years.

I started the non-profit Sweet & Hot Music Foundation over 12 years ago and am the Director of the Annual Sweet & Hot Music Festival (formerly known as the Los Angeles Classic Jazz Festival for several years).  Our four-day festival is held over Labor Day Weekend each year at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel.  Its sole purpose is to help perpetuate the great music of the 20s, 30s and 40s – classic jazz, Big Band, Swing, etc., so this genre of music does not fade away.  We also give out scholarships each year to talented high school seniors who wish to pursue a career in this type of music.

Somehow, maybe with magic, Lee & Associates has always managed to get us a tremendous amount of publicity for our foundation and the festival, each year, on our very limited budget.  They get us exposure throughout Southern California with everything, from calendar listings to major full-page features in magazines and newspapers, as well as arranging radio and TV interviews for me or some of the jazz superstars who perform at the festival.

They also put out some fantastic ads for us with all of the appropriate media on TV and radio and in newspapers and magazines.  Over the years, they’ve been able to help increase our festival attendance by thousands.

If anyone is putting on a major event and is looking for a professional and reputable public relations and advertising agency that gets results, I would be happy to “sing the praises” of why they should hire Lee & Associates.

Wally Holmes, Founder and Director of
The Sweet & Hot Music Foundation and Festival



Dear Howard,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating such a successful video for our KIDS TO CAMP program. This video has allowed Ready Pac to show our commitment to the community and our associates, for whom we care a great deal, informing them of the opportunities for children in the community to receive “camperships” for a full week of summer camp.

As you know, all of our associates saw the tape as it was played many times in our cafeteria, break room/exercise area, and at special events. Last year we had a special opportunity to not only send many children in the community to camp, but also to send the children of many of our associates. One of the goals of the KIDS TO CAMP video was to increase associate awareness of the program and of Ready Pac’s commitment to our associates overall. The very favorable response to the video by our associates has exceeded that goal.

Another important goal of the video was to tell our story to our customers and business associates, to create more energy and support of the program, and ultimately create even more “camperships.” We are very proud to show this video to each and every guest who visits our facility so that they can see our total dedication to our associates and our community. The result so far is that we expect to send over two hundred children to camp again this year.

We are also very pleased you were able to create and produce such a professional video within our limited budget.

Again, thank you very much, and good luck in entering this videotape in your professional public relations organization awards competition.*


Dennis Gertmenian
Chief Executive Officer
Ready Pac Produce

Note: This video won Second Place from the Public Relations Society of America, competing with companies like AT&T with budgets five to ten times larger.

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