Why Select Lee & Associates

First Things First

  • First and foremost, we view ourselves as marketing partners. We embrace our clients' goals and share their sense of urgency for results.

  • Our activities flow from clear business objectives, solid research and sound marketing principles.

  • Seldom is it possible to out-spend the competition...we prefer to out-think them.

Proven Track Record

  • We are proud of our long-term client relationships, many which have lasted from 15 to more than 45 years.


  • We are researchers and analysts who focus on our clients' needs and objectives -- applying logic, adding emotion and imagination and then, producing clear results!

  • We have developed and nurtured a solid network of long-term contacts and relationships with the media, which pay off with tangible results.

  • We provide top-rate, impactful creative and production services. Our philosophy is simple: Know what you want to say, and say it convincingly. Our job isn't just to make people interested in your ad, brochure or website, it's to get the right people interested in your product or service!

  • We have extensive expertise in new product planning and launches.

  • We have the specialized skill and resources for developing, analyzing and coordinating market research projects.

We Get the Most Impact For Your Budget

  • Our aggressive and highly-efficient public relations efforts result in exposure, image enhancement and credibility -- which is invaluable to consumers or businesses in making their purchase decisions.

  • Our hand-picked independent affiliates, located throughout the United States, give our clients a national presence, without national overhead costs.

We Manage Your Money Wisely

  • We are analytical and prudent in the utilization and disbursement of our clients' budgets.

You Won't Get This With the BIG Agencies

  • As a family-owned, personal service agency, we place the utmost importance on your account. You will always receive top priority.

  • Our clients are directly serviced by the principals of the firm, supported by top-skilled, seasoned professionals on staff. Our accounts are not put in the hands of interns or junior associates.

  • We are personally responsive to our clients and their needs.

  • We provide continuity and stability. We do not have a "revolving door" of executive turnover.

  • We are flexible: We tailor our services to suit our clients' needs, whether on a retainer or project basis.

And Finally ......

  • We're easy to work with, we work very hard, and  we get results! (See our client testimonials.)

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